Joined: EU 2004 Eurozone 2008 Schengen Not Yet Cyprus has a dual connection to the United Kingdom as it is both a member of the British Commonwealth (since 1961) and the European Union (since 2004). Cyprus was occupied by British forces in 1878, although it remained nominally under Ottoman rule until 1914. It became a crown colony in 1925 and was granted independence in 1960. Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom signed a Treaty of Guarantee, which allows them to intervene if Cypriot independence is threatened. In 1974 the military junta of Greece backed a coup in Cyprus and the Turkish army invaded the northern part of the island. Since then North Cyprus has existed as a separate state, but is only recognised by Turkey. Cyprus currently maintains a veto over Turkish European Union membership. As Commonwealth citizens Cypriots resident in the United Kingdom where allowed to vote in the United Kingdom referendum.

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