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Brexit in Context is a book by Mercia McMahon about the historical, social, and cultural contexts to the British decision to exit from the EU. This website was originally set up to give details about the book as articles on broader Brexit matters, including the on-going negotiations. The site had to change direction when the author applied for a position that required political impartiality. The book will remain published as something written before applying for the position, but this website has to change to only deal with historical matters. Articles in this website will seek to avoid commenting on current issues, although it might explore the history of how they have been tackled in the past. Political figures who are no longer alive may be discussed, but those still alive or who were politically active since the beginning of the 21st century will not be discussed. The website is presently restricted to an amalgamated timeline that is a combination of the decade by decade timelines in the book, plus sections on non-UK nations. The UK articles had to be removed because they were primarily discussions of the plitics around the 2016 referendum in the consitutuent nations of the UK. Once the limits of Mercia McMahon's political impartiality become clearer this website may be expanded.

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