book cover depicting map of EU countries Welcome to this site for Brexit in Context by Mercia McMahon. You will find details about the book, including a breakdown of its chapters. In order to keep the publication to 100,000 words many of chapters were removed and over time they will be added to this site as bonus extras.

This site will also be home to Mercia McMahon's reflections on the process of negotiating the British exit from the EU. Brexit in Context is concerned with the historical and social contexts for the decision of the UK electorate to vote on 23 June 2017 to leave the EU, but this site for the book will continue the story through the years that it will take to negotiate and implement that departure. Those articles will continue in the spirit of the book to not argue on the rights and wrongs, but to challenge the developing orthodoxies in the debate with reality checks on historical and social claims made by politicians, activists, and pundits on both sides of the debate.