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Brexit in Context is a book by Mercia McMahon about the historical, social, and cultural contexts to the British decision to exit from the EU. This website gives details about the book as articles on broader Brexit matters, including the on-going negotiations. The book deals with the period 1945-2016 and is focused on the referendum of 23 June 2016. This website will go beyond that subject and also include articles about the negotiations towards the UK exit from the EU. For Mercia McMahon's wider political site see Contextual Politics. The book is slightly less than 100,000 words long, but more than 250,000 words were written and over time articles from the unpublished sections will appear on this site. This website is divided up into the same sections as the book, with the exception that the People section did not make it into the final version of the book.


Brexit in Context is now available on Amazon to allow it to appear in their Kindle Unlimited subscription library system.

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Information and news about the author Mercia McMahon.


Information about the book Brexit in Context


The key events and groups involved in the 2016 EU referendum, including media and social media.


Articles about the decades-long process of the development of British euroscepticism. Includes a timeline from 1945 to 2016.


Exploring the individual issues that influences voters in the referendum and are driving concerns about the Brexit negotiation process.


Articles about the six nations voting in the referendum, EU member states, and other relevant countries.


The personalities of the 2016 referendum, Brexit negotiations, and earlier decades in UK and EU history.


Brexit related book reviews.

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